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Firehawk Unknown
Firehawk Formula
Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf *
Firehawk Formula Pilot
Firehawk Trans Am
Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf *
Firehawk Trans Am Pilot
Firehawk Supercharged G8 GT
Firehawk Supercharged G8 GT Pilot
Firehawk G8 GT
Firehawk Supercharged G8 GXP
Comp T/A
Camaro SS
Camaro SS Mapleleaf *
Camaro RS
WS6 Formula
WS6 Formula Mapleleaf *
WS6 Trans Am
WS6 Trans Am Mapleleaf *
Firebird GT

* SLP Cars sold in Canada

SLP Cars by Options
Camaro SS
Comp T/A
10th Anniversary Firehawks
30th & 35th Anniversary Camaro SS

ZL1 Camaro SS
ZL575 & ZL550 Camaro SS
ZL585 & ZL560 Camaro SS
ZL600 Camaro SS

LT4 Package
1LE Suspension

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Mapleleaf cars were build for Canada (km/h speedometer), not built in Canada.
Most f-bodies were built in Canada, but not Mapleleafs.
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Build date format: 1995/02
Date *may* be found on the SLP sticker in the door jam.
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how to find your build number
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A list of GM RPO codes can be found on a GM sticker in the glove box, door jam or the trunk depending on the year.
Please do not list anything else here but RPO codes.
Please take a few minutes to find them and write them down.
It will give us a better database in the end. Thanks!
SLP Options:
A list of SLP Options *may* be found on a SLP sticker in the door jam or under the hood.
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